20 April 2022

Count on PCS for a strong voice at work

Joining PCS makes you part of a strong collective of members where you work, giving you a powerful voice.

Whether you work in a jobcentre, Revenue and Customs office, at our borders or a department in Westminster, in your first job or your fifth, a manager or just starting out, full-time or part-time – PCS is your union.

Your union supports you. It negotiates with your employer to protect you. It helps ensure you work in a safe environment.

A trade union protects your career from the inside, at your place of work. It links you to other people with the same ambitions for a rewarding working life. It links you to a support network that means you do not need to face tough challenges alone and have a collective voice to speak up for you on key issues. You can also have your say on how PCS is run and what policies we pursue by getting active in your union.

Is a union for me?

There are more than 5.5 million trade union members in the UK: from professional footballers to actors, from nurses to teachers, drivers to care workers, builders to office workers... there is a union for everyone. PCS is the union for civil servants and private sector workers on public sector contracts. Join us online today.

Why is it important to join a union?

Right now, the world of work is changing rapidly with new technologies, new priorities and changing work patterns. In the post Covid-19 workplace, these changes will accelerate and throw up new challenges for you. Let PCS be your voice at work.

Your union supports you, talks to your employer on your behalf and helps resolve issues that crop up for you at work. Your union helps ensure you work in a safe and healthy environment.

Your union is a valuable network that you cannot afford not to be a part of. Join us today.