8 September 2021

CPS - Excess flexi credits

Over the next few days the employer will be looking into the issue of flexi credits which are over the 40% threshold for credit carry overs. 

While the Department’s recognised trade unions, PCS and FDA are in consultation with the CPS on what the approach should be, line managers are to advise those who have excess credits that no more excess time should be accrued.

We are aware that our members may struggle to undertake all the work they currently have during their contracted hours and if that is the case you should speak to your manager about the possibility of moving work around or taking additional hours as overtime which is approved in advance.  No member should be working hours that they do not record on Oracle.

Line managers will also have a discussion around what has led to the flexi hours being over what is permitted.  If during these discussions it is identified that there has been a reporting error, such as not inputting a lunch break taken etc., then the time could be amended.  However, PCS has been very clear in our position that no member of staff should lose time that they have worked to keep the organisation afloat during the global pandemic. This process will be guided and monitored locally via the Whitley Council mechanisms.  If members are feeling pressured to write off their excess hours, please speak to your local rep or any member of the GEC. 

As we discuss the solution to the excess credits with the employer, many things will be taken into account such as the scale of the issue, the time needed to get balances back to an acceptable level and the likelihood of the flexi time being able to be taken as leave.  Our position is that no member should lose time they have legitimately worked. If you have any concerns please speak to your local representative in the first instance.