17 May 2022

Deadline to submit emergency motions 3pm 20 May

PCS branches have until 3pm on Friday (20) to submit emergency motions and references back for next week’s annual delegate conference.

From 19 April branches have been able to submit references back. This is a challenge to the standing orders report, for example the running order of motions on the agenda or where motions have been ruled out of order, or are not accepted for other reasons. If the reference back is accepted, then branch delegates will move the reference back at conference and explain why they want it. The SOC will speak for or against, then all delegates vote.

Emergency motions can also be submitted on events or issues that have come up since the close of original motions in March.

The deadline for the receipt of EMs and RBs is 3pm on Friday (20 May). Any submissions received after 20 May will be considered as late and disregarded.

Motions online help

If you have any questions about submitting your emergency motions or references back, or experience any technical difficulties, please email crmsupport@pcs.org.uk