17 March 2022

Defender issue 1 2022

Campaigning for PCS members in the defence sector.

In this issue:

Vote yes in the national consultative ballot
We all need to play our part to win on pay, starting with a great turnout in the defence sector group in the national ballot. Read more

President’s column 
The world has changed since our last edition. Read more

Group secretary
Pay is too low, unions must be listened to, we have the membership and credibility to make changes. Read more

Navy Command (NC)
The union is actively engaged in the post-mapping phase. Read more

Army TLB
Members should be wary when claims are made that meaningful change proposals have been agreed by the trade unions. Read more

Army hybrid working
Areas that resist embracing the new hybrid possibilities are stepping outside of MOD policy. Read more

Equality and diversity (E&D)
The improvement achieved means that we can pursue issues based on declared figures. Read more

Head office central services
TUS will not agree to the CD relying on compensating reductions potentially displacing staff. Read more

Health and safety (H&S)
The need for suitable risk assessment, including on an individual basis, we will seek to be maintained. Read more

It is the duty of all trade unionists to recruit new members to their Union. Read more

There was a helpful intervention from the permanent secretary when we met in February allowing both sides more scope to negotiate. Read more

DSg social media
Share and comment to build momentum for PCS Union membership. Read more