6 July 2022

Defender issue 2 2022

Campaigning for PCS members in the defence sector.

In this issue:

From the group secretary 
This government is not going to solve the economic crisis by sacking public sector workers. Read more

Meeting the Permanent Secretary
PCS knows that the MOD is already overstretched with many workers already doing the work of two people. Read more

Health and Safety
Covid 19 affects the workplace still we must ensure that employers keep effective control measures in place and are vigilant against other viruses and diseases. Read more

Organising is a challenge that must be grasped by everyone in a leadership role across this group. Read more

PCS members have been overpaying their pension contributions for three years; every year the losses you have incurred increase. Read more

Update your membership details now
Important information comes from you when you update your membership details online. Read more