30 November 2021

Disability History Month: spread the word on issues and events

Raising awareness of hidden impairments is the focus of PCS as we support DHM, until 18 December. Help spread the word about this equality event and our series of seminars.

Reps and PCS Advocates are asked to spread the word about this equality event and publicise a series of seminars being run by the union’s national disabled members’ forum (NDMF).

Four online sessions have been organised with the aim of educating the wider union on the issues affecting disabled members and what unions can do to support them. The events will seek to encourage greater participation from disabled members, particularly those who are newly active or who would like to become more engaged in PCS. Registrations are positively welcomed from lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, women, black and young disabled members who are often under-represented at union events.

Each seminar session will be run at lunchtime (on MS Teams), then repeated in the evening (on Zoom):

  • Session 3: Thurs 2 Dec, 12:00–1:30pm on MS Teams and 6:00–7:30pm on Zoom.
    Topic: disability discrimination cases examined.
  • Session 4: Tues 7 Dec, 12:00–1:30pm on MS Teams and 6:00–7:30pm on Zoom.
    Topic: Disability History Month – disability and hidden impairments.

Disabled members can register on Eventbrite. A BSL interpreter and live captioning will be available at each session. Each will include a comfort break. 

PCS Midlands regional disability network will also host a virtual event on Weds 8 December to encourage more disabled members to join their network. The topic is the disability pay gap. Register on Eventbrite.

What is Disability History Month (DHM) and why does PCS support it? 

DHM is an opportunity for PCS members to reflect on the experience and struggles of disabled people in Britain and around the world, and to celebrate and encourage individual and collective activism to challenge discrimination. 

In the way we organise ourselves and campaign we always strive to ensure we are representing all of our members. We work with members to promote equality and tackle discrimination in the workplace, society and the wider world. 

The theme for DHM this year is ‘disability and hidden impairments’. Hidden or invisible impairments can range from neurodivergent conditions such as ADHD, autism and OCD, to asthma, cancer, depression, COPD, Crohn’s Disease and Lupus, to name but a few. Even though these disabilities aren’t visible, it doesn’t mean they aren’t there. We must support our members with both hidden or invisible and visible disabilities and encourage inclusion in the workplace.

How can you get involved?

  • Organise a virtual event or activity and inform the equality department so we can help you to promote it: equality@pcs.org.uk 
  • Use the DHM poster, 10 facts poster and photo opportunity card we have sent to branches to promote DHM on social media; send images to equality@pcs.org.uk 
  • Use #DHM2021 and fill your social media pages with pictures celebrating DHM 
  • Create a 30-second video telling us what DHM means to you; share it across social media and with PCS
  • Send an article/case study, of no more than 300 words, to equality@pcs.org.uk (don’t worry, we can tidy it up) for our website/blog 
  • Join your regional disabled members’ network. Find out more, email: equality@pcs.org.uk 


Do not hesitate to contact the equality department at equality@pcs.org.uk. 

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