29 October 2021

Disability Matters November 2021

The latest issue of PCS Disability Matters is online now and is full of news and information for disabled members in PCS

From the chair
Jacqueline Green, national vice president, and the new chair of the national disabled members’ Forum introduces the second edition of Disability Matters newsletter focusing on intersectionality and hidden or invisible disabilities and discusses the plans for the PCS National Disabled Members’ seminar sessions and Disability History Month on 18 November until 18 December.

Intersectionality and hidden disability
Andy Boylan, PCS Defence Sector Group rep on the national disabled members’ forum looks at the importance of intersectionality and explores hidden or invisible disability

My unique Intersectionality
Tracey Hylton, NEC member on the national disabled members’ forum and vice chair on the national black members’ committee looks at her unique experience of being intersectional and the challenges faced by those with hidden disabilities

Women with hidden disabilities by Ruth Henderson
Ruth Henderson, Scottish Government rep on the national women’s forum speaks about her ADHD diagnosis and encourages more women with neurodivergent conditions to speak out to help dispel stereotypes.