10 November 2021

DVLA staff vote to strike but anti-trade union laws curtail action

PCS members have voted for strike action at DVLA but will be denied the right to take to picket lines due to Tory anti-trade union laws.  

79% voted for action but the mandatory 50% turnout threshold was not reached.  

Therefore, the union will now seek urgent negotiations with DVLA senior management to discuss members remaining health and safety concerns around returning to offices in Swansea.

The DVLA dispute began earlier this year and staff have taken numerous days of strike action due to government ministers scuppering a deal to end the dispute in June.  

A PCS spokesman said: “It is frustrating for members who have voted for industrial action that they have been denied their democratic right to strike, due to some of the most repressive anti-trade union laws in Western Europe. 

“Our members are our number one priority, and we will continue to campaign for their health and safety at DVLA and across the civil service.”