9 June 2021

DVLA strike: details of the withdrawn deal that could have ended the dispute

Withdrawn deal would have meant recognition payments for staff, and phased returns with a reduction of numbers to safe levels on site.

On 1 June, ministers withdrew a deal at the eleventh hour that could have resulted in an agreement to end the strike over Covid safety. As a result, backlogs of post have piled up close to an estimated million items, and customer service phone lines have gone unanswered. PCS called further walkouts in June.

Phased return guarantees: withdrawn

The agreement set out a phased return to work from 1 June, with PCS to meet DVLA regularly to discuss the timing of subsequent phases. Staff working from home would have been able to continue to do so. Data on absences and the reports on their impact would have been shared with PCS, which would have enabled PCS to ensure any return would have put the safety of members first. This part of the agreement was deleted abruptly following ministerial intervention on 1 June.

Recognition of your hard work: withdrawn

The agreement also said:

“In recognition of the hard work and consistent performance to continue to deliver critical public services during this time DVLA will make a payment of £200 to those staff who have been working on DVLA matters throughout this financial year so far.” 

This part of the agreement was deleted.

Reduction in numbers on-site to safe levels: withdrawn

The agreement said that staff currently working in the office could reduce their attendance in the office by around half a day per week – this would have enabled a safe phased return to work for other staff coming back in. The reduction in time in the office would have been flexible. This part of the agreement was deleted.

Strike continues

Strike action continues later into June. You can join a public strike rally this Friday (11) at noon, on Facebook Live or Zoom. Click here to register to attend on Zoom.