20 October 2021

DVSA dispute - member consultation begins

PCS will begin consultation with driving examiners and driving test centre managers in DVSA on an agreement to end the dispute over the introduction of an additional eighth car driving test to the daily schedule.

Nearly 400 members attended a members meeting yesterday, chaired by PCS National President, Fran Heathcote, and was addressed by General Secretary, Mark Serwotka and DfT Group President, Paul Williams.

Members heard how, in 11th hour talks, union negotiators managed to move DVSA from a position of planning to impose the eight test schedule in November to an agreement.

The agreement includes: 

· A guarentee the eight test schedule will not form part of DVSA's planning for a minimum of 12-months

· DVSA working with the union to prioritise work on the issues of trust flagged by the DVSA commissioned occupational psychology study

· DVSA working with PCS on commissioning a new timing study

There is no doubt this agreement would not have been reached without an overwhelming mandate for industrial action from members. 

Next steps

PCS will shortly be balloting members on our recommendation to accept the agreement with more detail to follow.

Further meetings will be set up over the coming days to offer members another opportunity to ask questions about the agreement and to hear about how PCS negotiators intend to engage with DVSA if the agreement is accepted by members.

Once accepted, the dispute will be formally closed but make no mistake – if PCS negotiators have reason to believe that DVSA are reneging on any part of the deal in the coming period, we will have no hesitation in returning to the dispute.