12 May 2022

DWP members lobbying MPs in campaign to save jobs and services

As part of our campaign to stop DWP cuts, PCS reps and members are lobbying their MPs to get their support in opposing plans to close more than 40 offices.

On 17 March, the department made the shocking announcement of its intention to make large-scale office closures.

The announcement has been devastating for PCS members, as thousands now face possible redundancy. These are the same people who helped keep the country running during the pandemic by processing benefit payments, including unprecedented numbers of Universal Credit claims. 

PCS members are campaigning to keep the offices open and in Doncaster tomorrow reps are meeting MP Rosie Winterton about the transfer of more than DWP 150 jobs to Sheffield. 

 The PCS members are handing in a petition to the Doncaster Central MP when she visits the department’s Wood Street to meet workers affected by the closure. Staff have been told, if they cannot make the move in June 2023, they are at risk of being made redundant.  

PCS General Secretary Mark Serwotka said: “We’re calling on the government to reverse its decision to transfer these jobs. It’s not right to expect people to move their workplace 22 miles away, without any thought about how they will get there, or how they can afford it. 

“The extra cost and travel time will have a significant impact on our members’ lives, as well as having an adverse effect on Doncaster’s economy. 

“Civil servants kept the country running during the pandemic, yet this is how they’re being treated by the government. First they clapped us, now they’re scrapping us.” 

No time for cuts: DWP needs our members now more than ever

In a PCS blog this week, PCS rep Alison Fisher describes how she and her colleagues feel like they are being discarded as their jobs are at risk following the government's decision to close the DWP office in Gloucester where she works. She highlights how she and her colleagues are campaigning to save their jobs and the public service they provide.

Join a public meeting

In Toxteth in Liverpool, reps and members are campaigning against the closure of the jobcentre, a much-needed community resource.

You can hear from local activists and give your views at a public meeting at Toxteth town hall at 5.30pm on Monday (16 May).

Let us know what’s happening where you are, email dwp@pcs.org.uk

How you can support our campaign

Send a message of support to the group by emailing dwp@pcs.org.uk

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