31 January 2022

DWP to offer further Employee Deal opt-in

DWP have announced that they will be able to offer a further opportunity to opt in to the Employee Deal for members who chose to opt out back in 2016.

We have no more details at this point in time, but we expect detailed negotiations to begin immediately.

This is a move that we welcome. PCS has continually argued, ever since ED was first offered, that there should be an option for people who opted-out to change their mind and them be given the chance to accept the terms of the deal. Many members have reported that they did not believe that DWP would come good on the protections that we negotiated as part of the deal, but have seen over time that those protections have worked for members with caring responsibilities and health conditions. Similarly, many members have told us that their circumstances, which they felt hindered their ability to sign up to the deal at the time, have since changed and that they would now sign up if given another opportunity.

The unions are due to begin discussions on this with DWP later this week, and we hope to have these concluded as soon as possible. We will engage in negotiations to thrash out the details of what this will mean and to get the best we can for our members. We will keep you updated on progress.
This business case only covers what DWP believe is needed to fund further opt-ins. We will continue our fight to get them to address other ED anomalies thorough the 2022 pay round, and as part of our campaign to get a decent pay rise for all.