30 November 2021

From the editor

Welcome to the final edition of PCS Voice for 2021. This edition has been mainly written by members of our Black Members’ Advisory Committee (BMAC) following Black History Month (BHM) in October.

When the editorial board met in October, we decided what we wanted to cover in this edition: pay campaign, return to the workplace, the Cosham site closure announcement, and outsourced workers. We also felt it would be a good idea to have an article from the BMAC on BHM.

However, when the GEC met following this meeting, there was a proposal from the BMAC to do a black members’ edition for BHM. While there would not have been time to get this done for BHM and the subjects were time-sensitive, we were happy to agree that these were articles that the BMAC could write from their perspective as all issues equally impact on black members, if not more so.

Therefore, with the exception of my introduction, the president’s column, and a tribute from Durham County Branch to Dave Hardaker, all articles have been written by members of the BMAC and the vice president with responsibility for equality, Angela Grant, a leading black woman within our movement. I hope members enjoy reading this edition and may feel inspired to get more involved.

In the coming months we move into our AGM season, and I would encourage anyone who wants to become more active within the union to speak to their local rep about getting involved. Attend AGMs, have your say in branch elections, and make your voice heard.

For now though, with the festive season upon us, I hope members have a better one than last year. While the virus has not gone away, and some restrictions are being put back into place, I hope that you manage to enjoy some of the festivities. I intend to spend time with my family, a luxury many of us were not afforded last year. However you spend the time though, I hope you all manage to stay safe. Wishing you all the best for the holidays, and here’s to a better 2022. 

Liz McGachey
DWP group journal editor