13 May 2022

Efra group response to civil service cuts announcement

Efra group position on today's permanent secretary message following the announcement of 91,000 job cuts across the civil service.

The announcement by the prime minister yesterday has taken everyone by surprise and appears to be another ill thought through idea which is being used to mask the stories this government does not want us to be focused on. 

We will be talking to Defra about this urgently and will pass on as much information as we can to you as soon as we can. 

Defra and its arm’s-length bodies have grown over the past five years. The work we deliver has grown over the past five years. The works our members do is critical for this country now and in the future.

Any cuts could mean that something must be de-prioritised and the blame for it not being done will, inevitably, be placed at the door of the civil service by the politicians who decided to make the cuts. 

That is before realising that to deliver what is needed on the environment more we need highly skilled and motivated staff, which today's announcement does not help with.

Please make sure that your colleagues who are not already members know that the PCS will be doing whatever it takes to protect our members in the Efra group and can join to get their voice heard.