16 September 2021

Fight for equality of terms and conditions at Royal Parks ramps up

Outsourced Royal Parks cleaners and playground attendants employed by Just Ask Estate Services Ltd are to go on strike for the whole of October.

The month-long strike follows 16 solidly supported days of strike action since 31 July.

The members classed as “key workers” because of the pandemic are demanding:

  • No job cuts and a job security agreement
  • An occupational sick pay scheme equal to that provided to their directly employed colleagues
  • Employment contracts that reflect the actual hours that they work
  • That PCS is recognised for collective bargaining.

Covid-19 has amplified the effects of the two-tier working conditions between the Royal Parks’ outsourced staff and those who are directly employed. The predominately black and migrant workforce have continued to attend work throughout the pandemic to provide clean, green spaces for the health and wellbeing of park users, despite the personal risk to themselves and their families.

They have borne the brunt of the pandemic, with no option to work from home, no occupational sick pay, and the constant threat of redundancy.

Show your support
  1. Send a message of support to outsourcedworkers@pcs.org.uk
  2. Donate to the strike fund. The Royal Parks Crowdfunder closes in two days. Members have raised £8,572 and agreed to try and get this up to £9,000 by the deadline.
  3. Check the PCS website and @pcs_union twitter account for activities you can support throughout the strike in October.