7 September 2021

First anniversary of first positive Covid-19 case at DVLA

Today marks one year since the first positive Covid case was reported amongst staff at the DVLA.  There have since been 768 confirmed positive cases.

The number of confirmed Covid cases has gone up by 100 in the last month, following DVLAs decision to return over 450 staff to the site and the recruitment of a further 120 fixed term appointment staff.

Our strike action reduced the numbers of staff on site since 1 June. Positive Covid cases would almost certainly have been higher if PCS members hadn’t taken action. July and August usually see lower numbers of staff on site due to annual leave and term time staff, with staff returning to site in September. The DVLA is already seeing an increase in positive cases among staff now, and the return of more staff is likely to make this worse going into the autumn.

Despite vaccination rollouts, the threat to our health from catching the virus must still be taken seriously. Swansea, where most DVLA staff are based, is currently seeing the fastest spike in its covid transmission since the pandemic began.

Our members at the DVLA are being put at risk and DVLA has admitted to having no plan for dealing with rising Covid cases amongst staff. 768 positive cases after the first, and the DVLA is no further forward in prioritising staff safety, no better prepared for waves of the virus over autumn and winter and no more willing to enable staff to perform their work from home.

The branch executive committee will meet this week to consider the result of the consultative ballot and decide next steps for the dispute. A members’ meeting will be conducted next week to update members.