23 June 2021

FIS resourcing for the Covid taxpayer protection taskforce at HMRC

FIS have been asked to deploy an additional 37 colleagues to the taskforce.

The Chancellor announced the creation of the Taxpayer Protection Taskforce in the Budget 2021. HMRC secured funding of £125m to support the deployment of 1,250 people to the taskforce. The taskforce is expected to be in place until March 2023 and has been tasked with tackling non-compliance across the Covid-19 support schemes.

The Taskforce will consist of a core team with support from colleagues in Risk and Intelligence Services, Campaigns and Projects, Fraud Investigation Services and Large Business, working together to tackle non-compliance.

Over 500 people from across CCG were appointed to the taskforce in April 2021. CCG Directorates have agreed a further deployment of 300 people who will transfer to the team from June 2021.

HMRC have agreed with HM Treasury that the taskforce will be operational from late Spring 2021.

What does this mean for FIS?

As announced by FIS managers on 17 June, FIS have been asked to deploy an additional 37 colleagues to the taskforce.

Initially FIS called for volunteers from individuals possessing the required skills and experience of compliance work, which was a key consideration in selection decisions, balanced with managing the business impact.

There has been a positive response from 24 (23.6 FTE) colleagues expressing an interest. These are 3 Senior Officers, 10 Higher Officers and 11 (10.6 FTE) Officers. Where possible FIS have facilitated these moves first and colleagues will move to CEPET from 28 June.

Unfortunately, the shortage of volunteers means that FIS have reluctantly decided to manage move some colleagues to meet the total resource commitment, and it has been necessary for the SLT to identify a further 15 colleagues from within FIS.

Together with skills and experience, FIS have considered business impact and how they can minimise the impact on colleagues; for example, by moving a full team. A full supply chain team of 13 (11.85 FTE) have been identified from Organised Crime South based in Stratford. The size of the team was a factor in the decision making to meet the demand asked by CEPET, whilst minimising impact on the individuals by keeping the full team together.  The make-up of the team is 1 Senior Officer, 9 (8.28 FTE) Higher Officers and 3 (2.57 FTE) Officers.

A further 2 Higher Officers from FIS Strategy have also been identified as suitable for this transfer. 

Technical training on all aspects of the Covid schemes will be provided, alongside how the typical compliance tools and techniques are applied to the schemes.

These are temporary roles, and the expectation is that colleagues will return to FIS at the end of the 2 year period.

Next Steps

Members who have any queries regarding the roles or the move to CEPET should raise these with their managers in the first instance. Any unresolved issues should be notified to Ian Lawther, PCS assistant group secretary or the DTUS Mailbox

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