9 July 2021

Formal consultation on redundancies begins in HMRC

HMRC has begun formal consultation with the recognised trade unions on the latest redundancy scheme which was launched on  24 June 2021.  

The main unit of redundancy covers the offices in Cumbernauld and Saxon House, Leicester, that are due to close in 2022. Offers of Voluntary Redundancy have been made to 157 people at these locations who have been declared to be beyond Reasonable Daily Travel (RDT) of an alternative HMRC location.

There is a further unit of redundancy comprising 70 people.  This includes:

  • 46 people at 8 locations (Merry Hill, Brierley Hill; Cardiff, Ty Glas; Leeds, Peter Bennett House; London, International House; London, Euston Tower; London, Bush House; Shipley; Wolverhampton, Crown House) who were covered by previous redundancy schemes. This is due to late changes in their circumstances which have prevented them moving to an alternative HMRC location.  
  • 24 people at 3 locations (Birmingham, City Centre House; Birmingham, Norfolk House; Stratford, Jubilee House) whose one to one discussion were completed prior to this year and their offices are now coming up to closure.

Members affected have until 30 July to accept their VR offer.

Action required

The formal consultation process takes place under the Redundancy Agreement and the Civil Service Protocols on Redundancy Mitigation.  This process is designed to ensure that the trade unions can raise any points of concern with the employer about any aspect of the redundancy arrangements and to make sure all options for members who are looking for ways to stay are fully explored.

If members have a concern about any aspect of the redundancy process then they should seek advice from their local PCS representative, in turn if the matter cannot be resolved then branches can contact the DTUS negotiating team for advice.

Any enquiries on the VR exercise should be directed to the PCS DTUS mailbox: pcsdtus@hmrc.gov.uk

Branches with members included in this redundancy process will be invited to attend a meeting for branch representatives via Teams. This will provide a further opportunity to raise any issues or concerns directly with members of the PCS negotiating team.