16 November 2021

Get involved to fight the cost-of-living crisis

Our members are feeling the pinch more than ever before as the cost-of-living crisis deepens. The more of us who get involved in PCS’s national campaign, the more impact we can have to right these wrongs

It’s painfully clear that a great many of our members are facing an especially difficult few months this winter. Far too many are already struggling to make ends meet.

That’s why getting involved in your local PCS activities could not be more important that it is now.

Together, we must urgently start to recoup the losses our members are enduring due to years of pay restraint, the ongoing robbery on civil service pension contributions, benefits cuts and more. Inflation and price hikes are biting even further into already depleted living standards, and a significant National Insurance (NI) rise is coming in April.

Meaningless rhetoric from the chancellor on lifting the public sector pay freeze from April, without providing extra money to fund proper pay rises, does not wash with PCS members in the civil service and related areas.

Without action, our members will continue to suffer.

The PCS national campaign encompasses all the issues that affect the money in your pocket, wherever you work and whatever your circumstances. The more members who get involved in it, the more impact we can have.

Our members are facing an assault on their quality of life from multiple directions.

It cannot be right that any UK government worker is struggling to pay their bills, heat their home or feed and clothe their family.

This is not an inevitability; it is a result of the conscious choices of this government.

The only way to stand up to these attacks is to do it together.

What can you do?

We must do these things together to ensure that if we need to ballot the whole membership, we can exceed the government-imposed 50% turnout threshold needed to take legal industrial action.

Only through our own power can we really force change.

This article is taken from PCS People issue 3, 2021.