13 May 2022

Government shows contempt for DHSC staff

The government shows contempt for DHSC staff with Boris Johnson's announcement that 91,000 civil service jobs are to go from across Whitehall.   

Permanent Secretary Chris Wormald has written to staff and says "The last few years have seen the civil service deliver on some of the most important and challenging issues of our time. The role you have all played managing the pandemic is a prime example of that and is much appreciated by the Secretary of State and the Ministerial team. It is thanks to all of your hard work that we have been able to bring the nation through the worse phases of COVID."

However despite this and the prime minister praising the vital role the civil service plays in providing first class services to the UK public, the announcement the government is demanding departments cut 91,000 jobs over the next 3 years, again highlights the contempt held for its staff.

DHSC has understandably seen an increase in headcount since 2019 as it dealt with managing public health in a global pandemic and and it has already been recognised that these numbers will reduce. However any further reductions need to consider the implications on already burgeoning workloads and the ability to continue to deliver a 'first class' service.

PCS will be discussing this issue next week with management as a priority and will continue to negotiate and consult on behalf of PCS members.

Further attack

This announcement is a further attack on the civil service and our hard-working members who provide the expertise to deliver policy and services.

It is vital that we continue to build the membership across DHSC employers to combat the cuts announced today and fight for better pay and conditions.

Please encourage any non-member to join PCS and please become active in your workplace by becoming a rep or advocate.

Sign up for the TUC march on 18 June to show this government our voices will be heard loud and clear until these planned cuts are scrapped.