13 May 2022

Government shows contempt for HMPPS staff with mass cuts announcement

In HMPPS, staff morale is already at an all-time low due to the derisory pay offer they recently received but the announcement the government is demanding departments cut 91,000 jobs over the next 3 years, again highlights its contempt for its staff.

Staff within the prison service are stretched, they have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic. Further cuts will put more strain on staff and will also have a negative impact on re-offending. Instructional officers in HMPPS are already working with up to 18 prisoners on their own, admin staff are working overtime and agency staff are covering numerous shortfalls within the prison service.

Due to staffing levels, prisoners are spending more time locked in their cells than ever before which clearly impacts on rehabilitation and in the end will cost taxpayers more money due to re-offending

The impact further cuts would have on the government’s white paper plan, which include proposals to reduce re-offending in society, is huge. HMPPS is struggling to recruit new staff and more importantly retain services.

PCS will continue to strive to improve the working lives of our members in HMPPS and will make it clear that cuts within the civil service will not go unchallenged because our hard-working members deserve better.

Therefore, PCS is asking you to encourage non-members to join PCS, in order to fight job cuts, campaign for better pay and to sign up for the TUC march on 18 June to show this government our voices will be heard loud and clear until these planned cuts are scrapped.