27 January 2022

GPA agreement for Bouygues staff to receive full Wages for Covid-19

All Bouygues staff are entitled to receive their full wages if sick through Covid-19. Read about the Government Property Agency agreement.

The Government Property Agency (GPA) has agreed that all outsourced Facilities Management (FM) staff employed on the contracts they are responsible for will receive their full wages if they become unwell due to Covid-19. This agreement lasts until 31 March 2022. At which point the GPA will review if it needs to continue.  

Due to the surge in the Omicron variant your union wrote to all government departments urging them to remove low pay as a barrier to self-isolating. We requested that government departments fund the full wages of outsourced FM staff if they are sick due to Covid-19.

Staff employed by Bouygues at 2 Marsham Street receive a range of different sick pay entitlements linked to their employment history. For example, staff previously employed directly by the civil service are likely to retain their entitlement to full sick pay for six months. However, it is more likely that you only receive Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) of just £96.35 per week or £19.27 per day. If you work part time, you may not meet the earning threshold of £120 per week to qualify for SSP. This means you receive no financial support if you are sick.

Feedback from PCS members is SSP is not enough to cover your bills and provide for your families. You are therefore faced with the decision to work whilst unwell or take time off to self-isolate and face on average an 80% pay cut.  

We welcome that the GPA have taken a responsible position on this key health and safety issue. When the 2MS contract was managed by the Home Office, the Home Office chose not to fund full sick pay for Covid-19. The pandemic is far from over and this agreement will provide you with some reassurance and help to keep your workplace safe.


About PCS

The Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) is the trade union for civil servants and staff working on civil service outsourced contracts.

We have members employed on Bouygues contracts at the Metropolitan Police Service and the National Archives. If you are not already a PCS member, we want you to join us too.

Why Join PCS?

As key workers we think it is time you were properly recognised. As a minimum, we want all PCS members to:

  • Be paid the real Living Wage at the very least. Currently £11.05 per hour in London.
  • Receive full occupational sick pay from day-one and full wages for COVID-19 absences.
  • Have a safe workplace and the right to democratically elect your own health and safety representatives. 
  • Have the right to negotiate your pay and conditions via a PCS trade union recognition agreement.

You can join PCS online today. If you are already a member, please ask a workmate to join.