26 August 2021

Harassment at Work at the VOA

There have been a number of instances of harassment of VOA colleagues by individuals not employed by the agency. 

Whilst we are aware of unacceptable and poor behaviour, these incidents are rarely reported so we don’t have the data to know how prevalent the problem is. PCS VOAC and PCS office reps have agreed to survey our membership to identify how widespread these incidents are and identify any barrier which may be preventing members from reporting cases.

The survey will give PCS members the chance to have their voice heard and will be totally confidential. The questions will cover all forms of harassment and the information collected will be used to inform consultations between PCS and the employer around policy and guidance. The VOAC will email all members to let them know when the survey is being launched so please ensure your work and personal email address are registered on your PCS membership record as all our communications are now digital. 

If you have, or are experiencing any harassment or bullying whilst carrying out your work please contact your local PCS rep or member of the PCS VOA Committee who can advise and support you.