6 July 2022

Health and Safety

Covid 19 affects the workplace still we must ensure that employers keep effective control measures in place and are vigilant against other viruses and diseases; the complacency that existed before Covid 19 must not be allowed to creep back in.

With that in mind, PCS has had a considerable effect on the way that Covid has been handled, all our reps should be proud of the work that they have done to challenge and mitigate the employers' whims and directions. Special thanks go to Alan Denis and the joint health and safety committee who held the line against strong pressure to loosen restrictions. Safe.

We have raised the profile of Health and Safety in the workplace, our membership is aware of risk assessments, and we must build on this agenda to encourage new health and Safety reps to come forward and to increase participation. There are several key things that we can do, get a health and safety person in every workplace, get active health and safety site committees established and ensure that the statutory right to inspect the workplace and consult on all health and safety matters are exercised.

After so much good cooperative work over Covid 19 the new normal has reverted business as usual with the trade unions not commanding the respect and influence our experience and membership affords. Units and top-level budgets have experienced wide variations in the way they have treated the restrictions on workers since July 2020 allowing many and various local procedures to percolate through defence with little attempt to acknowledge or control the issue from Main Building who have been one of the worst offenders. PCS have been clear that the safest way for workplaces to operate was to have the minimum numbers of staff present, yet this is an affront to the status of many in defence who have no purpose if they do not have a cohort of underlings sat in front of them.