14 February 2022

Heart Unions Week: why you should join PCS

For Heart Unions Week, which starts today, PCS young members explain why everyone should join a union.

Connor says workers should join a union to protect their future.

“Unions give their members visibility, security, strength, options and dignity, among other things,” he said.

“PCS is in a constant battle to gain fair and equal pay and opportunities for the future of public sector workers, and by signing up, you aren’t giving up and accepting everything that is thrown at you. You’re taking a stand and fighting for a fair contract and to be treated with the respect you deserve.”

If you work in the public sector and join PCS now you can vote in our national consultative ballot on pay, pensions and living standards.

Reasons to join

Lateefat has 6 great reasons to join:

  1. The collectivist nature of trade unions gives power to workers by enabling people to come together and speak with one voice on issues that are important to them. As a result, trade unions help working people win a better deal at work.
  2. Union members are likely to have a more secure job with better maternity, paternity, sickness and pension benefits. As a union member you are also more likely to have more paid holiday and more control over your working hours.
  3. Workers in unionised workplaces get paid around 6.5% more than workers in similar non-unionised workplaces. Unionised workplaces also have smaller gender pay gaps.
  4. Unions provide access to legal advice on employment matters and can represent you at any employment tribunal. They support and represent you if you are a victim of workplace discrimination, harassment or bullying.
  5. The trade union and labour movement believe that we achieve more together than we do alone. By joining a union, you are promoting our collective values of solidarity and equality in your workplace and helping to grow the movement.
  6. PCS members can choose to progress through education and learning and gain the tools to effectively represent themselves and their colleagues.

She says joining a union can help young workers, to “reclaim our voice and demand better working conditions.”

“The rights we enjoy today, that we cannot imagine living without as workers, were fought for and won by workers before us,” she said. “It is our responsibility as workers of today to fight to maintain those rights, as well as demand better conditions that will benefit workers of tomorrow. After all, we spend a significant amount of our lives at work, why not demand better?”

Work in the UK civil service or on a public sector contract? Join PCS online today.