2 December 2021

HMCTS members vote to support industrial action over unsafe Common Platform

Hundreds of HMCTS members have said in a consultative ballot that they would support strike action over the continued use of the fundamentally flawed Common Platform digital case management system.

96.3% of members who voted said they would support strike action if HM Courts and Tribunals Services fails to act reasonably and meet our achievable demands. The turnout was 57.2%.

We will write to senior HMCTS representatives, sharing the results and seeking an urgent meeting on our demands:

  • No new cases input on to Common Platform
  • Cases on the Common Platform to be resulted outside of the courtroom
  • Undertake an organisational risk assessment for the Common Platform in consultation with PCS
  • HMCTS undertakes a stress survey of all Common Platform users to assess the level of risk
  • Make suitable and sufficient resources available to support individual risk assessments
  • Undertake an equality impact analysis on potential impacts of the Common Platform on its HMCTS users
  • Disclose the feedback from early adopter sites and sites where the Common Platform has been rolled out and provide full details of actions taken to address the concerns raised about the flaws in the design functionality
  • Disclose the numbers and details of incidents where incorrect results or issues arising from the incorrect production or non-production of orders have impacted on other criminal justice stakeholders
  • That HMCTS ensures there are no further job losses arising from the Common Platform.

These results should send a very clear message to HMCTS that they must now act and completely suspend the Common Platform. Failure to do so will result in the progression of PCS members desire for a statutory strike action ballot.

A further update will follow in due course.