6 October 2021

HMCTS - outcome of legal admin support team restructure consultation

HM Courts and Tribunals Service announced on 30 September the outcome of the consultation response regarding the legal and support team restructure.

While PCS welcomes in principle HMCTS’s decision to restructure in a manner that causes the least disruption to members, we are disappointed that we were unable to seek to influence the decision-making process as our application to run consultation meetings with our members directly and indirectly affected was not granted. Without access to members, we were unable to reflect their views.

Moving forward, we recognise that the next stage of the process where the preferred outcome is implemented is key to managing the impact on members.  

Now that a decision has been made we have approached HMCTS and requested that consultation at the implementation stage commences with PCS. And that an early meeting is scheduled to work through the potential people impacts and to renew our request to access impacted members at key points along the implementation timeline.

As well as seeking to ensure we are engaged on the people impacts, we are keen to be able to address the practical issues which impact on all our members who are involved in rota production, training and advisory work in relation to magistrates. We remain keen to ensure that those practical issues are addressed, both removing the negative impacts on members and the stress that causes and promoting quality justice delivery.