25 October 2021

HMPO Evening Shift Allowance

PCS demands that members working in HMPO evening shifts be assimilated to the Home Office Evening working allowance.

PCS members contracted to work on the evening shift patterns in HMPO are currently in receipt of the HMPO evening shift allowance, 20% enhancement of hourly salary between 20:00 and 22:00. Following assimilation to the Home Office in 2015, there were no provisions made for the evening shift teams within HMPO to be assimilated to the Home Office evening working allowance, which is a 50% enhancement between 19:00 and 21:00.

PCS first raised this anomaly with the department in 2019 and were assured that this was one of the HMPO reward elements which was noted as being subject to review and alignment at the time of assimilation but has yet to be addressed. Unfortunately following the onset of Covid, the issue had been left unresolved and PCS wrote to the department again earlier this year to formally propose that consideration be given to discontinuing the HMPO Evening Shift Allowance and that staff should be moved to the Home Office Evening Working Allowance.

Whilst the department have acknowledged that this review should be undertaken, the issue continues to be “bumped” to a lower priority and 2 years on, we find ourselves no further forward. PCS has again written to the department to request that HMPO Evening shift pay be re-prioritised and that a clear timeline be provided to deal with this.

Meeting with the Director General

PCS members believe that this situation is unfair.  Having differing evening shift policies throughout the department can be problematic and we have stressed the importance of maintaining a single policy for evening workers.  This would ensure that there are no unintended adverse diversity and inclusion impacts, that internal redeployment to different workstreams is simplified and that as we transition to the “One Home Office” model there is a single process

PCS has also raised the issue directly with the Director General Abi Tierney to request movement on this matter.