23 July 2021

HMRC guards win union recognition with Mitie

This article comes from Facilities Matters issue 4

In 2020, HMRC announced the privatisation of their security guard service and awarded the contract to Mitie Group Plc. 

Whilst opposing the decision to privatise the guarding service, PCS entered into negotiations to protect the pay, terms and conditions of existing union members. This resulted in a comprehensive agreement on terms and conditions and crucially an agreement that members would receive the HMRC 3 year pay award, irrespective of their transfer date.

PCS also secured a trade union recognition agreement with Mitie covering all guards. Trade union recognition requires Mitie to consult on pay and conditions and any proposed changes. It also gives PCS members collective bargaining rights to negotiate their pay and other issues. It is our aim for all PCS members to be covered by a recognition agreement. 

Whilst the vast majority of guards were not in favour of transferring to Mitie, PCS representatives have ensured that their terms and conditions have been protected. 

The next steps will be for the PCS HMRC group to:

  • Increase PCS membership amongst security guards on the HMRC contract
  • Identify and develop PCS reps and advocates.