14 July 2021

Home Office pensions and allowances update

There are longstanding issues regarding the Home Office identifying allowances from which pension contributions have not been collected, in some cases dating back as far as 2002.

PCS highlighted the issue in 2016, but progress on getting this issue investigated has been particularly slow.

The Home Office commissioned various parts of the department and Shared Services to identify the allowances affected and quantify the amount of the underpayment. In 2018, following our campaigning the underpayment was written off by the then permanent secretary, Phillip Rutnam and the only remaining element was for members' pension statements to be updated.

Unfortunately there has been little significant progress on this issue since 2018. As we head towards the date for issue of pension statements for 2021, we have been told that despite our continued pressure on this, the correct figures will not be shown on affected members' pension statements. We continue to press for this situation to be rectified, and the issue has been raised up to and including the permanent secretary but the delays continue.

PCS will continue to fight for this and hopefully will be able to report some progress on this matter soon, but as this has now been ongoing for such a significant time, we are unable to give a projected resolution date.

With regard to pension statements, those members who preserved their pensions before moving into Alpha will need to request a statement to cover the preserved element, as this is not automatically issued in the same way as the non-preserved element.