2 September 2021

Hundreds of agency workers become DWP staff following PCS campaign

A PCS campaign has resulted in 97% of staff employed as agency workers by Brook Street in the Department for Work and Pensions becoming directly employed by the DWP.

In June, following PCS campaigning, we had persuaded the DWP to offer all staff employed as agency workers on Brook Street contracts direct employment with DWP.

Following the DWP’s offer to the staff previously employed by Brook Street we are very pleased to confirm the excellent news that of the 1808 staff on Brook Street contracts, 97% are now employed by DWP.

The huge majority of Brook Street staff converting to DWP contracts demonstrates, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that workers much prefer direct employment to being second-class citizens with inferior terms and conditions working on agency contracts. The DWP should acknowledge this and never use agency workers again.

Campaign for permanent contracts for FTA staff continues

While the success of the campaign for Brook Street to convert to direct DWP contracts has been encouraging, disappointingly the DWP has failed to act on the PCS demand that all staff on fixed-term contracts are offered permanent ones.

We do not believe the department’s continued use of fixed-term contracts is justifiable. The Covid pandemic has already had a massive impact on the economy resulting in the loss hundreds of thousands of jobs. The end of the furlough scheme at the end of September has the potential to destroy many more jobs. Consequently, there is not likely to be any shortage of work for already over-stretched PCS members for the foreseeable future.

Our DWP group executive will continue campaigning activity on behalf of fixed-term appointment members while continuing to press DWP to do the right thing and make FTA staff permanent.

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