2 September 2021

Join the PCS pension fightback at TUC Congress

PCS reps and advocates are invited to attend our ‘Pensions fightback’ fringe meeting during the virtual TUC Congress from 12.30pm on 14 September. 

The event will be chaired by PCS President Fran Heathcote and speakers include our general secretary Mark Serwotka, Rachel Hopkins MP, with others to be confirmed. A PCS striker from DVLA Swansea will also speak. 

After years of being ripped off, it’s time to fight back for fairer pensions. Our members have been paying excessive employee pension contributions, adding to the hardship caused by the pay cuts of the past decade.  

A scheme valuation in 2018 confirmed the PCS view that the future cost of the civil service pension scheme had been exaggerated for political reasons. Since then, we have campaigned for the implementation of the 2% reduction in employee contribution rates that were recommended by the scheme board. 

Soon after the valuation, the government lost its case at the Court of Appeal which found unlawful age discrimination in the way its 2015 changes were introduced. Incredibly, the government has announced that it is treating the cost of the remedy as employee cost, effectively making scheme members pay for its loss of the legal case. We believe that this could effectively cancel the cut to employee contributions and may decide, along with other unions, to take further legal action. 

Our TUC Congress fringe meeting gives reps and advocates the chance to come together to build our campaign for fairer pensions for PCS members.  

Please publicise this meeting and encourage fellow reps and activists to sign up.