10 December 2021

Land Registry members to vote in consultative ballot

HM Land Registry members are being balloted about an updated Business Strategy Agreement and improved protections over the use of data.

The ballot opened on 7 December and closes on 21 December.

The new Business Strategy Agreement includes commitments by management to consult and share information about transformation and change processes, giving PCS an opportunity to influence decisions taken. It also includes a commitment that any future office closures (although none are currently planned) will not lead to compulsory redundancies.

The agreement also supports maximum flexibility and hybrid working.

The current Working Practice Agreement is to be removed, but key protections will remain in place regarding the collection of data. Data can be collected, but will not be used on a daily basis to look at individuals and will not be linked to performance targets or used to micromanage staff.

There is a commitment to invest in training and an agreed dispute resolution process.

Dave Lunn, PCS group president said; “Through historic campaigns that PCS members have been involved in, including the successful campaigns against privatisation, we are in a stronger position now to negotiate with management.

“We believe that what has been negotiated not only preserves the protections that we already have, but proactively puts us in a better place to positively change inappropriate behaviour as well as dealing head on with problems when they do arise. We give an absolute commitment that the GEC will take up issues on members’ behalf when needed.

“This agreement gives us a better opportunity to tackle the remnants of command and control in the organisation and eradicate micromanagement and the misery that it continues to cause for some of our members.”

Members’ meetings are being held online on Teams; contact your local rep for details if you have not received an invite.