31 August 2021

Last day of targeted strike action at DVLA

Today is the final day of targeted strike action for PCS members in the Drivers Medical Department at the DVLA.

Impact of action

The strike by Drivers Medical staff ran for the whole of August and support was strong throughout. The staff were chosen because of their strategic importance and their key role in reducing backlogs, in the hope of persuading DVLA management to get back around the negotiating table to settle the dispute.

Last week PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka wrote to the DVLA’s chief executive about the impact of the decision to scupper a deal and sit on their hands for three months has had on the DVLA’s ability to serve the public.

Covid still a significant risk

As this leg of our industrial action draws to a close, the DVLA is seeing a significant rise in positive Covid cases on site. Last week saw the agency reach a grim milestone: 700 positive cases since last September. PCS is very concerned that, despite pressure from our union reps, management have not set out any plans for action should Covid cases continue to rise on site.

Strike action by PCS members has reduced staff numbers on site and without our action, the high number of staff on summer leave and the proportion of term-time staff at the DVLA, the recent upsurge in positive Covid cases would have been significantly worse.

Remember to vote

PCS is currently consulting members on the next steps in our dispute with the DVLA. If you are a PCS member at the DVLA, please vote in the consultative, online ballot before Friday 3 September. If you have not received voting details, please contact pcs@dvla.gov.uk.