23 August 2021

Latest DVLA action going strong into fourth week

Most staff in the drivers medical section of the DVLA are still striking as we enter the fourth consecutive week of a month of action in our ongoing dispute.

There are growing backlogs at DVLA, and in drivers medical the department which decides whether drivers who have medical conditions are fit to drive safely, because of the industrial action. However, the dispute could have been settled in the first week of June – when a deal was put on the table that we were prepared to accept.

This plan was scuppered by unscrupulous ministers and transport minister Baroness Vere admitted as much at the parliamentary transport select committee last month.

It is false for DVLA senior management to accuse us of targeting the most vulnerable when it was them who refused to implement our suggestion of prioritising key worker licences and correspondence right at the start of our dispute. The same should be done for vulnerable people who need to be made a priority.

The DVLA and transport secretary Grant Shapps can settle this dispute today by putting a deal back on the table.

Our campaign at DVLA has moved on to a further stage with members urged to vote in a consultative ballot on further action. Members have until 3 September to vote, to demonstrate their continued support for the campaign.

How you can help

  • Donate to the strike fund. This fund supports members financially when they are striking and therefore not being paid by their employer. The details are: account name: Fighting Fund Levy. account number: 20331490 sort code: 60-83-01, reference: DVLA
  • Sign the e-action. PCS has an e-action which asks transport secretary Grant Shapps to intervene to keep members safe.
  • Messages of solidarity. Write a message of support for striking DVLA workers by emailing responseteam@pcs.org.uk.