20 January 2022

Learn how to enforce our health and safety rights

Everyone has the right to a safe workplace. Every employer has a legal duty not to make us ill as a result of going to work. Health and safety reps can enforce these rights.

Trade unions have worked hard over many years to secure the comprehensive health and safety legislation that protects us as workers. However employers often try to water down or ignore our rights on safety – and hope we are not aware of what we can do about it. The key to enforcing and defending these rights is being organised as a union. To do that we need health and safety reps in every workplace.

Becoming a health and safety rep

Getting started is simple: sign up for the three-day PCS Health and Safety Reps Part One course. The training will help you mount campaigns to ensure PCS members have protection from stress-inducing, presenteeism fixated employers, never more important than in the current pandemic-conditions; and find out how to ensure workers are safe when they do need to be in the workplace.

If you enjoy the course you can sign up straight away for the further three-days Part Two PCS Health and Safety Reps course. And remember, you are entitled in law to paid time off to attend union health and safety training.

Part One

  • Wales - 1, 8 and15 February - Register online (login to PCS Digital required)
  • Midlands, London and South East, Eastern and South West, Northern and Yorks and Humber regions – 1, 8 and 15 February - Register online (login to PCS Digital required)
  • London & South-East, Eastern and South West – 7, 14 and 21 March - Register online (login to PCS Digital required)
  • North West, Northern and Yorks & Humber – 17, 24 and 31 March - Register online (login to PCS Digital required)   
Part Two

All PCS regions and nations - Register online (login to PCS Digital required)

For health and safety training in Scotland PCS members should apply for Scotland TUC courses

If you have any queries about PCS courses, please contact us at tuedacademy@pcs.org.uk.

Networking and events

In addition, PCS has an active safety reps network to provide further support to you in your role. We will be holding a series of meetings in February and March. To find out more email healthandsafety@pcs.org.uk to join our email distribution list and to receive regular updates and invites to events. You can also join our Facebook group to hear from other safety reps across the country.