16 March 2022

Learning about cancer as a workplace issue

Sign up for our short course to learn about what to do if a member is diagnosed with cancer, including their rights to time off.

Cancer now affects one in three people, and each year in the UK there are approximately 90,000 people of working age who receive a cancer diagnosis. The chances are that members in your branch will be affected – either directly through being ill themselves or through a close relative having the disease.

In April we are offering the short PCS Cancer and the Workplace course which helps reps explore issues to be faced if a union member is diagnosed with cancer, including their rights to time-off, and find out more about cancer and  the workplace, its causes and effects. It is also open to members who wish to get involved in their branch, in terms of campaigning and supporting colleagues around cancer.

The session is open to PCS members in all regions and nations, and will run on the mornings of 5 and 7 April 2022 (9am to noon).

Apply for the course online (login to PCS Digital required). If you have any queries about this course, please contact tuedacademy@pcs.org.uk.