8 March 2022

Make sure you vote

Whether it’s using your vote to demand fair pay and pensions, or using your vote to decide who leads your union, make sure you vote to make your voice heard.

PCS is a democratic trade union; and both now and in the coming weeks, you have the chance to help decide how we fight for fair pay and conditions; and who leads the union in that fight both in HMRC and nationally.

As a member of PCS, you get to vote…

…for fair pay and pensions

PCS is currently consulting members on our national approach to pay and pensions in 2022.   You should already have received a ballot paper to your personal email address (where we have it) from pcs@cesvotes.org.uk (if you haven’t received a ballot, then check your spam folder) or by post where we don't (you can still vote online using the codes in your postal ballot paper). The ballot closes on MONDAY 21 MARCH 2022. Not had a ballot? You can check the personal email address we have for you by registering for PCS Digital or contacting membership@pcs.org.uk

The cost-of-living crisis is causing enormous hardship for many PCS members. PCS is determined to do all it can to force the government to address the situation by giving you a decent pay rise.

The best way we can influence them at this stage is by delivering a massive vote in favour of our campaign on a big turnout in the ballot.  Make sure you use your vote and send them a clear message.

…for who leads the union in HMRC

Nominations for the forthcoming Revenue and Customs group elections are being submitted via your branch’s annual general meeting (AGM). Once all the valid nominations are agreed, the ballot will open on THURSDAY 28 APRIL 2022, and will be run primarily via an electronic ballot sent to your personal email address. If you haven’t already given us your personal email address, you can do so by registering for PCS Digital and recording your address, or you can contact membership@pcs.org.uk 

…for who leads the union nationally

Nominations for the national elections are also being submitted via AGMs. This ballot will open on THURSDAY 21 APRIL 2022, and under law, these will be run via postal ballot. Again, you can check that your postal ballot address is correct by registering for PCS Digital or you can contact membership@pcs.org.uk who can assist.