28 June 2021

Members employed by Mitie win delay to detrimental pay changes

When Mitie took over Interserve in December 2020 they gave assurances that there would be no change to ex-Interserve staff terms and conditions, but six months later Mitie plan to renege on that agreement.

In mid-May Mitie confirmed to PCS that they proposed to:

  • Change the pay frequency of salaried and monthly paid staff to a 4 weekly/13 yearly pay cycle. So far, this change has been limited to those working in security.
  • Change all other ex Interserve staff’s pay date to the 27th day of the month.
  • Change those who receive hard copy wage slips to online wage slips.

PCS members are opposed to these changes for the following reasons:

Disadvantages of moving to a 4 weekly/13 yearly pay cycle

  • Your pay date will change every 4 weeks making it difficult to manage your finances and bills.
  • Your pay will be less than what you get now every pay date but you will be have an extra pay date in the year, resulting in being paid twice in one calendar month.
  • It is likely to impact those who receive Universal Credit as you will be paid twice in one calendar month which means you are likely to go over the benefit threshold and not qualify for Universal Credit that month. You will need to re-apply to the DWP for the benefit to be restarted and will receive nothing for five weeks, the waiting period for Universal Credit.

Disadvantages of moving to a new pay date

A change of pay date can mean you have to wait longer for your next pay packet and your pay packet may not include the additional days or weeks you have waited. Staff are often offered ‘loans’ of their own wages to cover the gap, which you must pay back within a specified time.

PCS members are angry about the pay changes and “fire and rehire” threat

PCS members working on the Cabinet Office and 10 South Colonnade Mitie contracts were the first in line for the changes with plans to implement them on the 1 July 2021. Particularly, because they have been classed as key workers during the pandemic and have continued to attend work, despite the personal risk to themselves and their families.

They are also angry because they were told at staff meeting if they did not agree to the changes they would be “fired and rehired” on the worse terms. PCS has written to Mitie asking them to withdraw this threat which they so far have not been prepared to do. The PCS General Secretary has also written to Michael Gove, the Cabinet Office Secretary asking him to instruct Mitie to withdraw the threat. We are awaiting a response. 

PCS members win concession

Following a number of meetings with Mitie HR, the employer has postponed the date for the proposed changes to staff working on the Cabinet Office and 10 South Colonnade contracts. This was in recognition of members’ strength of feeling on the issue. We do not know when negotiations will resume. However, this concession is testament to PCS members resolve and the significant increase in PCS membership.

Mitie plan to make the changes for the rest of ex Interserve staff working on central government contracts on the 1 September.

Mitie members are stronger together

PCS members’ action so far has shown that when members stand together against employers like Mitie they can get results and win concessions. It is vital that we begin to build our membership across Mitie so that we can defeat these proposals once and for all. .

You can support the campaign to get rid of Mitie's detrimental pay proposals by: 

  • Speaking to your work mates about these changes and what might be coming.
  • Asking non-union members to join PCS
  • If you work for Mitie and want to be keep in touch, please email outsourcedworkers@pcs.org.uk