24 September 2021

Members vote overwhelmingly for strike action at DVSA

92% of members who voted said they were prepared to go on strike over the new 8-test schedules.

PCS members working for DVSA as driving examiners  and their line managers have voted to support strike action and action short of strike in defence of their working terms and conditions.

92% of members voted for strike action on an 80% turnout with 95% voting yes to action short of a strike.

DVSA management have notified staff that they intend to implement the new 8-test schedule from 11 October 2021 despite our opposition. We have concerns around both the wellbeing of members and the health and safety implications to the public of introducing an additional test to an already time pressured schedule.

Next steps

Members’ meetings will be held on 28, 29 and 30 September and PCS members working as driving examiners, along with their line managers, will be considering strike action.

PCS remains open to talks with DVSA management, if the imposition of the 8-test schedule is suspended before the strike date