27 April 2022

Menopause campaign – know your rights in the workplace

Viv Perkins informs women members about the new menopause campaign and provides information on knowing your rights on menopause in the workplace

At PCS annual delegate conference 2021, motion A47 on the menopause was carried. The motion instructed the national executive committee to introduce a menopause policy, with a view to having an agreed model policy, for branches and groups to negotiate on, with employers.

The PCS national women’s forum (NWF) was tasked with putting the policy in place. During this time, PCS was negotiating with the Cabinet Office on a new civil service menopause policy. Subsequently, the assistant general secretary and the national women’s forum agreed that this policy met all the criteria set out in motion A47.

The NWF decided to launch a campaign to promote the new menopause policy, but also to inform members, particularly women members, on their rights to seek help from their employer if they are struggling with menopausal symptoms in the workplace, and to reinforce that menopause is a workplace and trade union issue.

As part of the menopause campaign, the NWF held an online, lunchtime event to coincide with International Women’s Day on 8 March. The aim of the event was to educate members on their workplace rights on the menopause. The event reviewed the results of a recent PCS menopause survey and its impact on women workers. It encouraged women members to locate their local menopause policy and made them aware of the new wider workplace menopause policy. There was a further event on 29 March, as part of Women’s History Month, focusing on women’s health which covered the menopause too.

Furthermore, Bridget Corcoran, NEC member and Viv Perkins, Midland’s representative on the NWF wrote blogs on the menopause. A menopause video and photo opportunity cards were produced for members and representatives which can be accessed via the Knowledge part of PCS Digital.

It’s important that women members are aware of their rights at work on the menopause. Please speak to your local PCS representative if you need support and guidance on the menopause.