7 June 2021

Mitie members win delay to damaging pay changes

This article is from Facilities Matters issue 3.

When Mitie Group took over Interserve last December they assured staff there would be no changes to their pay and conditions. Fast forward six months, and the company has broken its word by announcing pay changes for all ex Interserve staff.  

Security guards employed on the Cabinet Office and related Affiliate Cluster contracts were the first to be told that from 1 July Mitie intend to: 

  • Change salaried staff to a 4 weekly/13 yearly pay cycle,
  • Move the pay date to 27 July, 
  • Move those who receive their wages slips in hard copy to online pay slips.

It is expected that changes will be made for all other ex Interserve staff from 1 September.    

PCS members are rightly angry because they will receive less pay every month, albeit getting an additional pay date in the year. They will have a different pay date every month and are likely to lose out if they claim Universal Credit, as 13 pay dates a year will take them over the monthly earnings threshold, despite receiving no increase in wages.

Members’ opposition was strengthened when a threat to “fire and rehire” them was made at a staff briefing if they did not agree to the changes. One PCS member likened the situation to a “slap in the face” after colleagues had worked throughout the pandemic as key workers, to keep workplaces safe and secure.  

Many staff have joined PCS over the issue and PCS representatives have been able to reflect members’ anger at meetings with Mitie and demand the “fire and rehire” threat be withdrawn. In mid-June the company conceded to delay the changes due to the strength of feeling of PCS members but maintained they would like to make the changes sometime in the future.  

PCS members should be proud of winning a delay but the aim now is to get the proposals shelved completely. PCS members have shown that when they stand together they get results. These proposals can be defeated once and for all by building our membership organisation across Mitie. 

If you are an ex Interserve employee you can help stop these changes by:

  • Speaking to your workmates about these changes and what is coming
  • Asking non-union members to join PCS
  • Keeping updated on what PCS members are doing to get rid of these unnecessary changes by emailing outsourcedworkers@pcs.org.uk