Mitie Security officers in ‘Affiliate’ cluster - PCS membership after transfer to G4S

Statutory recognition awarded for Cabinet Office staff and 22 Whitehall security staff.


PCS has won recognition for two additional groups of Mitie employees.

The Central Arbitration Committee (CAC) has awarded PCS statutory (legal) recognition for:

  • All workers on the Cabinet Office contract, all London sites - the recognition covers all first line managers and all workers across security, soft Facilities Management (FM) services, and hard Facilities Management (FM) services (CAC declaration)
  • All security officers from Site Security Manager (previously known as Guarding Manager) down, on the ex-FCDO 22 Whitehall site (CAC declaration).

This recognition award will TUPE transfer with Cabinet Office and 22 Whitehall security officers when you join G4S on 1 October. Similarly, the existing statutory recognition covering security members at FCDO Abercrombie House in East Kilbride will also TUPE transfer.

For members at 10 South Colonnade and other affected contracts, we continue to pursue voluntary recognition.

PCS membership continues after 1 October

From 1 October you will continue to:

  • be a member of PCS (you have a legal right to be in the union of your choice)
  • be entitled to PCS representation at any disciplinary or grievance meeting
  • have access to the full range of membership benefits that PCS offers.

While G4S is still considering its position regarding whether it will accept PCS recognition after transfer, PCS rejects any G4S argument to exclude us, and continues to press for full recognition and collective bargaining rights for everyone in the security ‘bargaining unit’ that transfers on 1 October.

We’ve been doing this, and continue to do this, through

  1. the TUPE consultation talks with G4S (update on other matters addressed during the final talks to follow shortly)
  2. successfully campaigning for statutory recognition at the Cabinet Office and 22 Whitehall
  3. exploring the legal position regarding statutory recognition transferring under TUPE.

We want you to know that PCS

  • is the main trade union for outsourced Facilities Management (FM) workers across the civil service. We have over 2,000 members employed in FM roles who we support regardless of whether a recognition agreement is in place or not
  • has an existing recognition agreement with G4S for another civil service contract – G4S has also previously recognised us for a number of civil service contracts
  • has demonstrated we can support members to win. We have already secured concessions from G4S in the current TUPE consultation e.g. changes to the New Joiners’ Form, SIA checks, etc. 

There are two online PCS members' meetings for security officers:

  • Tuesday 26 September, 2pm – this is mainly to update you on final TUPE changes through consultation. Zoom link to be emailed out separately.
  • Monday 2 October, 8pm - to bring together PCS Security members in G4S the day after you transfer. Zoom link to be emailed out separately.

Not yet a member? Join PCS online today.