14 September 2021

MOJ specialist pay and allowances review

Following the overwhelming acceptance of the MOJ 3 year pay offer, the employer has confirmed that we will start negotiations on the review of specialist pay, recruitment and retention allowance and other allowances.

The review starts with negotiations around HMCTS Saturday and Bank Holiday working. These discussions will begin on 15 September 2021. PCS has not yet received any advance detail of the proposals on this element. We will provide a further update following the meeting.

PCS remains committed to consulting and engaging with members throughout this review. Please ensure that your personal email address is registered with PCS. You can update your details online.

If you are new to PCS please attend one of the meetings that are being held this week.

Please speak to colleagues who aren’t PCS members and encourage them to join. If you are interested in getting more involved email laurab@pcs.org.uk for more information.