22 July 2021

National conference report

PCS held its first online Annual Delegate Conference in June this year, which was attended by delegates from right across the Union. We look at the Private Sector’s contribution to the success of ADC.  

Although a bit later than usual this year’s national conference was the first that PCS has held online rather reps travelling to Brighton to debate motions and agree union policies.

Normally the PSMA on under the guise of the commercial sector would hold our conference prior to this but this year the PSMA private sector forum was held the following week. (See separate report)

Reps from the private sector contributed to the success of the conference with their contributions to debates particularly those involving the private sector.


There were several motions relating to the private sector debated at conference this year. Motion A15 welcoming the formation of the PSMA was moved by Alistair Maxwell, chairman of the Atos Glasgow branch and seconded by John Bottoms, secretary of the Atos Durham with Jas McGuiness our former Atos colleague (now of Maximus CHDA) also speaking in favour of the Motion.

Motion A18 on TUPE transfer and the agreed protocols for PCS was moved by Adrian Hedley, Chair of the Atos Durham Branch and was seconded by our colleagues in the HMPO Northern Branch.

Finally, Motion A52 on PCS Shareholdings was moved by Robert Barclay of the Atos Glasgow Branch and seconded by Adrian Hedley of the Atos Durham Branch.

All three motions by Atos Branches were passed unanimously by conference.

Another motion, A41, moved by BEIS London and South branch which called for increased support and an additional reserved seat on the NEC for outsourced workers was also passed.