24 September 2021

National Inclusion Week

PCS celebrates National Inclusion Week from 27 September until 3 October.  The theme is Unity.

Inclusion means to include everyone no matter what background, culture, age, race, sexuality, or disability. At work and in the community, you should feel included and that your opinions matter.

Here are some ways you can help build an inclusive environment:

  1. Join PCS and get involved and participate in union activity
  2. Talk about what inclusion means for you and others at work and in your community
  3. It’s everybody’s responsibility to create an inclusive environment – make colleagues feel welcome and heard in every interaction
  4. If your workplace’s values don’t feel inclusive, speak to your line manager/HR or union rep about your concerns and how they could rectify them
  5. Get involved in your staff networks and equality groups to contribute your voice on how to build diverse and inclusive workplaces
  6. Go to the National Inclusion Week website to access free information and resources

PCS recognises that workplaces need to be more inclusive and also need to reflect diversity in our society.  A diverse and inclusive working environment leads to a more dynamic and vibrant one, and encourages workers to share ideas, knowledge, and experience which in turn boosts productivity and contentment at work.

Share your experiences of inclusion on social media using the hashtags #UnitedForInclusion #NationalInclusionWeek2021.

If you would like to find out more about getting involved in PCS equality networks, please contact: equality@pcs.org.uk.