13 April 2022

NATS (Air Traffic Systems) Pay Settlement

Following two years of a complete pay freeze PCS officials and lay officers have achieved a consolidated pay increase of 3% for members in NATS.  

Whilst this falls short of the announced 7% inflation rate, PCS has additionally been able to gain a £3000 lump sum payment that will paid in members' next pay.

NATS members endorsed the offer gained in a ballot that closed on 13 April 2022 with a fantastic turnout of 84% of members casting their vote of which 87.9% of those members voted to accept the pay offer.

Simon Campbell-Gurry, BATS branch chair said, “We felt this offer was a good offer for the year 2022 considering the implications that Covid 19 has had on the aviation industry as a whole and the new regulatory period looming ahead of us in 2023.”

PCS in NATS held 10 briefings within the ballot period to explain their rationale to recommend acceptance of this offer. The branch was able to communicate directly with members to outline the full details of this offer. The turnout in briefings and the amount of members casting their vote shows how united the union and its members are in the workplace.

Simon Campbell-Gurry went on to say that “This pay achievement builds on another success for the union where we were able to protect our redundancy agreement following a ballot in favour of action. We believe that our memberships voice has again been heard and once again it has been loud and clear in support of their branch committee.”