12 August 2021

Nats members vote overwhelmingly for industrial action

84% of members voting in the consultative ballot voted for strike action.

Members in Nats (Air Traffic Systems) voted in favour of both industrial action (83.44%) and action short of strike (94.48%) in a consultative ballot with 73% turnout

The ballot was held in light of worsening industrial relations with management, and the proposal to ‘tear-up’ a long standing redundancy agreement. PCS negotiators will now meet with management on 17 August armed with this result, to demand the removal of any threats against the redundancy agreement, and also to seek improvements in industrial relations including assurances on pay increases.

Andrew Lloyd, PCS national officer for Aviation said, “Everyone recognises that the sector has had a tough time because of the pandemic, but we cannot accept mass changes to agreements that protect members, neither can we stand by and allow industrial relations to deteriorate. This ballot result is a clear signal to management that members are not prepared to accept these changes, and also that they absolutely support their PCS representatives.”