13 June 2022

Not too late to Demand Better with PCS on Saturday

You can still register with your region for free transport to London for the TUC’s demonstration to tell the government We Demand Better.

This Saturday 18 June the TUC is holding a march and rally in central London to tell the government that we demand better.

Thousands of union members and supporters will be marching through the city to send a clear message to the government that it needs to act now on the cost-of-living crisis, pay, pensions and public services.

PCS and local trades councils are organising transport to London on 18 June for PCS members and their families. For details see our events page.

One PCS member who will be travelling from Cornwall for the march said “I am keen to actively support PCS and its members to get the correct deal we deserve and have been denied for so long now. I want to apply pressure on the government…I feel me attending will be a good example to others to step forward and get involved to be heard.”

Another member who will be catching the trades council coach from Plymouth said she wanted to protest about the cost of living crisis.  She said “In the early 1980s we were on our knees with Thatcher's cuts. In the early 1990s we had Black Monday and the Conservative financial mess which wiped billions off the nation's wealth. In 2010 under the Coalition government we had the Cameron and Clegg Show where our pensions were decimated and here we still are trying to get somewhere as salaries are frozen and pensions devalued. After 42 years in full time work with the civil service I have gained nothing. We can't go on like this.”

For details of free or subsidised transport to London from your region/nation for PCS members and your family see our events page.