6 May 2022

Pay Business case for Defra

PCS has concerns about the update on the Pay Flexibility Case, which will cover Defra, RPA, APHA and VMD, that has been published on the Defra intranet. 

The update on the intranet gives more information than would usually be shared before negotiations with the trade unions on a pay offer.  While we are not opposed to transparency, the update was not shared with us before it was published.

Therefore, we are disappointed at the contents of the update and the fact that the survey has been included.  Whilst we believe that staff engagement is key, we believe that as the elected representatives for one of the recognised unions for Defra this undermines the process which they are bound to follow.

The way that the survey is presented appears to ask those taking part to apportion preference to their hard-won terms and conditions, without context and value, and is highly subjective.  This could potentially undermine PCS’s ability to get you the best deal.  Especially given that Remco understand that the options for this pay bargaining unit are limited compared to other pay flexibility cases which have been implemented in other parts of the civil service, HMRC for example.

It is up to every individual whether or not to complete the survey.  But if you were to choose so we would hope that you tell Remco (Renumeration Committee) that a proper cost of living pay rise should not be dependent on sacrificing terms and conditions.